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Latest News and Race Report 

We finished season in 2nd place (of 8 teams)!


Special Thanks to:




News and Latest Race Report!


April24, 2013:  We have had two more races (Samsula and Chipley).  We are now in 2nd Place

of 8 teams!  Special thanks and congratulations to John Goddard for his TWO WINS in a ROW!

Also, to Logan for his win at Chipley.  Welcome to our newest member, Frank Gamperl (SSR-C).

He is also Tamara’s dad.   Also, our junior members Jake, Jack, and Ethan Cox are all doing great.

This week’s race is at Maxville, and only one race left after that.


April 3rd, 2013:  We raced at Brooksville/Dade City last week.  Although we had two

riders get 2nd place (John and Logan), and two get 3rd place (Bernard and David), we

still finished 4th overall.  I returned to racing for the first time since my injury, and got 3rd place

in Vintage class.  Bill (Hole-Shot) Garrett raced, and here is a funny video highlight:

the Sunday afternoon race was cut short by a storm, and it was a mean one!  I think a

tornado passed over us.  I was hunkered down in the bus and saw port-o-lets being blown

around like leaves.  It is almost the end of the season (4 races left). Bernard is looking good

to win the 66 championship. John is sitting pretty for Master-C if he does 3 more races. David

Jay looks strong for the SSR-C title. Logan still has a shot for C200. Still Bill has a chance at the

Vintage jacket, but will need the other guy to not show up for 3 of the last 4.

Next race is in Samsula this coming weekend.


Feb. 14th, 2013:  Hey everyone!  I'd like to announce that we have two New Members

planning to race for Hells-Canyon/Last Call Race Team this week at Sarasota (Myakka)
Hare Scrambles!  First, welcome to my good buddy David Jay (#49C in SSr-C). David

has been on a real tear lately, and is on-track to win the Super Senior-C championship this season!

second, welcome to our new "celebrity" rider, Logan Smith (#232C in 200-C). Logan dominated

Beginner Class earlier this season and is now on track to win the 200-C championship! (Beginner

 to B-rider in one season?) Also, Logan was recently featured in an in-depth interview in FTR's magazine,

 and even made the cover!  See here:

Both of these guys ride KTMs! Dirt Poor Racing better watch their ass! We are making a late-season

push for the Teams Championship!  Say hi to the new guys if you see them at the races.

Special thanks to all our past and inactive HCRT members for their help to get us this far,

 and especially those who relinquished their team roster spots to make room for these guys.

Our current "active" roster consists of: Tamara, Bernard, Bill Garrett, Jason, John, Bob Brown, David, and Logan.



February 7, 2013:  Sorry for the delay, but I (Still Bill) have been slacking due to my recent

injury and surgery.  We have had several races, and our team attendance has been down, due

in-part to  some of the races being wayyyy down south in Okeechobee.  We even failed to

enter one because we only had one member show up.  Hopefully, we are back on track now and

we will start scoring points again.  Patrick got a new bike and will now be racing in Junior-C.  Ian

Nordle raced a 2-wheeler last weekend (65-C) in addition to his PW-Quad.  Welcome to our

newest team member, Bob Brown (#33X) in the Class of 66.  Unfortunately, Bob’s Hells-Canyon

debut did not go well, as his bike caught fire and burned to the ground during the last race!  He did

not get hurt though, and he already has a new bike.


December 12, 2012:  We raced in Myakka last week, and Still Bill’s faithful

1973 Yamaha died-out in the deep creek causing him a 7 minute delay and

dooming him to 3rd in Vintage Class; although, he continues to lead the Vintage

points (for now).   The bad news is that he was blind-sided early in the Sunday race

by some Master-C idiot, and suffered a dislocated and separated shoulder, fractured

collarbone, and will likely be out for season after rotator-cuff surgery.  Young Patrick

didn’t finish well, but his consistency leaves him now 1st in Beginner Class points.  Bernard

got another 2nd in 66+, with Bill Garrett 6th.  John dominated Master-C, finishing 3rd, and now

leads the season points!  Kim pulled out a 3rd place finish in Women B.  This all combined

was enough to push Hells Canyon Race Team to 2nd in team standings.  Race is down in

Okeechobee this week.  The new Hells Canyon T-Shirts are ready (Orange, this time).

Some photos of the last race can be found here:  G2 Myakka Photos and here.


November 28, 2012:  We have now had three races.  Still Bill continues to

Dominate the Vintage Class with three consecutive wins (but not so hot on Sunday)!

The last race was at Bartow (a different track near the first race).  Brad and Jason

both sat out with broken bones suffered in the second race, but hopefully will be back soon.

Congratulations to Ian for his win, and promotion to A class.  Welcome to new team member

Bernard List (Class of 66), who came in 2nd in the last race!  Other notables were Kim in 3rd,

and Tom M.  and John both got 5th!  Tom G. did his first race and took home a 7th place trophy!

Also, welcome to our new Junior team member Patrick Burton (beginner class).

We are racing at Myakka, FL this weekend!

 I’ve added a few photos from last race here:  Bartow Fall 2012 #2 Race


October 10, 2012:  A new season is here!  Unfortunately, three of the first

Four races have been postponed due to wet conditions.  We did have one race

down in Bartow, FL a couple weeks ago.  It was a tough course, with a lot of mud.

Still Bill ran on Saturday in Vintage class

and won First Place!  Evan also had a great run on Saturday, taking home 3rd place

in Mini-C (his best finish yet)!  On Sunday morning, SB do not do so great, and came in

20th out of 36, while John Goddard kicked-butt, getting 4th.  Jason had a great run,

getting 3rd  in Vet-A class.   Bill Garrett made his 66+ class debut, and got 5th place for us.

Brad managed to get 8th in Master A, and Tom M. got 8th in SSA.  We welcome Jerald

Back from his injury, and he plans to race for us this season.  We also welcome new

HC team member, Kim Reynolds, who will be racing Women-Vet on Sunday mornings.

See link for some shots from Bartow.!i=2110881884&k=6pGfN6q


April 16, 2012:  Well, we went way “out west” to Chipley, FL (Central time zone) this past

weekend.  It was a bit dusty, but nothing like the last race.  I finally finished a whole race on

my new KTM 300.  I caught and passed team-mate Tom Glancy with about two miles to go, and

kept my speed up to finish 7th in Master-C.  Tom got 8th.

 See the VIDEO HERE:

Bill Garrett rode a full three laps, but houred out.  We expect great things from old

Bill in the new 66+ class next year.  Brad got 4th place

and Tom McGinnity got 5th in their respective classes.  Tamara and John did not race.  Mike Jones

got 4th place in the afternoon race after crashing late while trying to pass for 2nd place.  Jason continues

to dominate in Vet-A, with another first place finish!  As for the kids, India got first in Junior Girls again!

Evan got his best finish ever, coming home with third place in Mini-C.  Ian broke-in his awesome new

Quad with a 2nd place finish.  See some photos that I took of this week’s race at the following link:




April 2, 2012:  We raced the FTR benefit race in Dade City, FL on March 24th and 25th.

It was a DUSTY event!  I (Still Bill) had my new KTM 300 ready to race (or so I thought), but

I developed brake problems during the first lap and had to quit early.  CONGRATULATIONS

to Tamara on placing FIRST in her division on Sunday, and to India on Winning Junior-Girls

on Saturday  (I wanted to quote her comments, but unfortunately they are not fit to print!)

Jason posted a strong 2nd place in Vet-B.  Mike Jones got a 4th place in the afternoon

race, while John and Glancy posted 7th and 9th in Master-C.  McGinnity and Brad did

not have good days due to the tough track conditions.  Evan (Monkey Boy) got a solid 8th place

on Saturday morning, but Ian (Noodle Boy) had a tough day due to mechanical failure.  Old Bill

Garrett chugged along as usual doing a couple laps on Sunday morning – not bad for a 70-year-

young guy.  Bill will probably move to the new 66+ class next year.  WELCOME to our Newest

Team Member, Matthew Hawkins (Junior C).  There are only 2 races left for this season (“out west”

in Chipley, FL) and one near Daytona.  I met a new friend and talked him into racing his first race in

about 30 years.  Dale Ellis is a big old guy (like me), and he was all the rage on Saturday afternoon, racing

his DR-400 to 3rd place in Beginner (#171) class!  He is now hooked for life, and an new honorary

HCRT member!  I will post photos when available.


March 5, 2012:  We raced at GatorBack this past weekend.  A big stron blew through early

Sunday morning and made the MX track quite slick and muddy.  Still Bill took a practice lap and

Then chickened-out of racing his new bike in those conditions (just not ready).  He should have

Raced his old bike, but the thought did not occur to him in time!  The other guys (Brad, Tom, Tom,

John, Bill Garret, and Jason), as well as Tamara, decided to go for it, and the conditions got a lot

better during the course of the race.  Jason WON his second in a row!  John Goddard took 2nd in

Master-C, but our team manager didn’t have him entered this week.  Tom M. got 4th place, and Tamara

And Brad both got 6th (I think).  Tom G. got a solid 8th, and Bill Garret did two full laps.  In the

fternoon race, Mike bought home a 5th place.  Evan had a strong run going on Saturday, but had

mechanical problems.  Ian had a great run in the PW Quad race.  Still Bill took some photos

while working during Sunday’s races.  See here:



March 2, 2012: So this week was a pretty good one for the Hells Canyon Race Team at the

"Hungry Catfish Hare Scramble in Ona,Fl. The track was a mix of heavily rooted woods sections,

mud/peat fields, open pasture, hills and sand and was very challenging. Jason Garret won his class

(Vet B) and led all 5 laps, finishing a minute and a half in front of second place. In spite of getting

booted to the A class for Supreme Domination, Brad Gustafson had a solid showing in Master A with

a 6th place finish. He should be in the running for a top 5 finish in Master A if he can keep running

strong for the next four races. John Goddard battled back to 8th after falling back to 10th on the 2nd

lap when he decided to lay out in one of the nice soft mud fields and take a couple minutes rest. At

least he said it was a soft landing. He passed one rider with just a few hundred yards to go to pick up

another spot. Way to keep digging John! Tom "Dirty Thirty" Glancy got a decent start, hitting the woods

in 5th position and after swapping places with the Goddard, David Pierce and a couple of the other usual

top 5 finishers, ended up with his first top 5 finish, coming in 4th after 4 laps. Bill Garret got his usual

Riproaring start, heading into the woods in 2nd, and finished two laps for a 19th place finish out of 25

riders in Master C. Tamara, Still BIll, Mike, and Tom McGinity did not race this weekend but will surely

be ready for Gainesville and this week's visit to the storied Gatorback Raceway Park, which used to host

National Motocross events until the late 90's. (report by Tom Glancy)


February 22, 2012:  We did two races down in Brighton and Okeechobee in the last few weeks.

These races were actually very close together.  Even though it was far south, the weather was clod.

We did not have a very good turn-out or performance from our tem though, and we have slipped

to 4th overall.   Part of this is because our SUPERSTAR, Brad has been been promoted to Master-A

due to his complete DOMINANCE in Master-B.  He is still in the top three in his new class. 

Bill Garrett returned to action, actually doing a complete race.   My personal big news is that I bought

a new bike (a 2008 KTM 300XCW).  I have added some photos (see Photo page).  Next up is Ona,

then GatorBack.


January 19, 2012:  OK, I’ve been a little slack in my updating.  I skipped a few reports here.

I will try to do better from now on.  We raced in Myakka City, FL in early December.  A fun race

with lots of water crossings (see photo page).  Our team did great, and we moved into 2nd place.

Our next race was at Bartow, FL in early January.  It was a tough track, our team did not do

well and we dropped to 3rd in the points.  Unfortunately, Jerald was injured (not at the actual race

though) and he is out for the season (get well soon, Jerald!).  We have replaced him with Mike Jones

from Gainesville.  Mike races a Suzuki in A-open class.  Bill Garrett was also injured, and he will be

out for a while.  There are some Bartow photos on the Photos page also.  This past weekend, we

raced down in Okeechobee.  Tom M., Jason, India, Evan, and John all stayed home.  Brad did

great, getting another first-place finish.  Tamara grabbed second in her class.  Tom G. had his best

finish ever (6th).  Mike had some problems and only did one lap.  I had a great start, and got a little

too fast and ambitious and slammed into a tree, spraining my ankle.  I pushed-on and managed to

do two laps and get 9th place. I am now in 3rd place in Master C (2 points behind John). I believe

that our 1,2,6 finish was enough to hold onto 3rd place for our team.  Again, there are photos of

this race on the Photo page.  Next up is Brighton, which is actually in Okeechobee also.


November 7th, 2011:  We raced in Bartow, FL again this past weekend.  The track and

the weather were FANTASTIC!  No mud, not dusty, not many roots, and lots of jumps!

Tamara had a great run, getting FIRST in Women-B.  Jason got 2nd in Vet-B.  Jerald managed

to get 5th in SSr-A, and Tom M. was not far behind him.  Our Master-C guys (Still Bill, Tom G.,

John, and Bill G) all had good runs.  Brad took the week off to go Enduro racing.  India must

be bored with Junior-girls, because she entered in Junior-C this week and had a good run.  Evan

was breaking in a new (bigger) bike, and should be getting faster with each race.  Ian took the

week off.  Hopefully, we will be able to post some photos soon.

Here is some video from a Vet-B rider.  Great video, but it doesn’t give a real sense of the actual,

elevation changes involved.  The guy gets taken out by another bike at the 12:20 minute mark of

the video (Taken out by Jason!):



November 1, 2011:  After one race was canceled last month due to rain, we raced in

Palatka, FL last week.  Congratulations to Brad and Jerald on their 1st  place finishes!

Hats-Off to India, who came in 1st in her return to racing after breaking her arm this summer!

Jason Managed 2nd place, getting beat by just inches.  Tamara and Still Bill took the week off.

John Goddard finished 5th, and “Hole-Shot” Glancy got 7th in Master-C.  McGinnity finished

11th in SSA.  Ian got 5th place in Quad Super PWB.  We return to Bartow, FL this coming

weekend.  Here is some video of the last race:



September 20, 2011:  We raced down in Bartow this past weekend.  Congratulations to Brad,

who won Master-B again!  That makes three in a row!  Our new members also did well.  Tamara

got 2nd in Women-B, and John got 7th in Master-C.  John is now leading the season points (not as

 much as Brad though)!  Jerald had another good run, getting 3rd in SS-A.  I (Still Bill) finished 10th

in Master-C, mostly because I had a really bad start and got caught behind slower traffic.  I think I

am in 4th place in the points  now.  Glancy finished ahead of me by about 30 seconds, but DQ’d himself

for accidently cutting the course. Jason had a bad crash, breaking his nose and spraining his neck badly.

Evan had his best finish ever, getting 6th in Mini-C.  New team member Ian Nordle got 7th in Quad Super PWB!


See video of Jason’s crash here:

Click Here to see photos of the last few races!



September 13, 2011:  We just finished the 2nd race of the new season!  Jason and Still Bill

were joined by new team members Tom Glancy, Brad Gustafson, and Jerald Brownell.  It was a

real mud-fest down in Samsula, FL!  Brad and Jerald managed to WIN their classes!  Glancy got

7th, beating Still Bill (9th) by 16 seconds.  Jason had engine trouble, but still managed  12th place

(fastest of the 2-lappers).  Evan managed a top-10 (9th place) finish on Saturday.  Bill Garrett was

Fastest of the one-lappers, getting 12th place, but did not run his vintage bike on Saturday.  We

have recruited two new members (Tamara Gamperl, and John Goddard), who will likely join us

at the next race in Bartow this weekend.  We started the week in 6th place of 6 FTR teams, but

hopefully our (1,1,7) score will move us up.  See here for helmet-cam video of this muddy race

taken from another rider who is not on our team:

PS:  I (Still Bill) got my best finish ever last week at lake City (6th).